Sounds Like My ABC - SALE
Sounds Like My ABC - SALE
Sounds Like My ABC - SALE

Sounds Like My ABC - SALE

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Sounds Like My ABC


At last – an ABC book that has ALL the correct letter – sound relationships.

Children need to know the correct sound for each letter, on their journey to learn to read and write. Many ABC books have incorrect sounds written down for letters – the result: your child gets confused!

This fabulous book sets out all the letter and sound relationships correctly. It even clearly shows there are two sounds for the letter C and two sounds for the letter G. No more confusion for your child!

Learning letter – sound relationships is KEY for your child to move forward in reading and writing. What better way to be introduced to the alphabet sounds than with this beautiful book, written and published right here in New Zealand, by New Zealand artist: Coco Reed.

This book covers all the letters and sounds your child will need as they transition from preschool to school in New Zealand.

Suitable for:

All young children ready to learn their letters and sounds: 4 - 6 years old.

Use it:

At preschool

At school

At home


This book makes a beautiful gift for any child that is going to school.