What we’re about:

Inclusive Education

We believe that every young child deserves to succeed in education. We believe all young children can learn, but they do not all learn in the same way.

Combining science based research with: experience, creativity, passion and fun, we ensure every child reaches their learning potential. No exceptions!

We work with ‘Out of the Box’ children who may be diagnosed (or undiagnosed) with: Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism, Dysgraphia or Dyscalculia.

We work with children who may need a boost for a myriad of reasons, including, but not restricted to: anxiety, gaps in learning or late blooming.

We work with children who need accelerating and to be inspired.

Science Based Research

Education is awash with opinions, alternative truths and false facts. This is especially true in the world of ‘out of the box’ children who learn differently.

Our programmes, tutoring and resources are all founded on strong scientific research.

Holistic and Integrative Learning

We are experienced and highly knowledgeable in both education and psychology. We can offer just educational tutoring, or we can offer counselling. Many ‘out of the box’ children go through stages of needing both.

We have a holistic approach to everything we do, as we know that learning is impacted by many things, including: emotions, attitude, interests and confidence.


Creativity underpins all our work at The Bridge. We believe the solutions to all learning and wellbeing issues require the application of a creative mindset.

To our foundations of knowledge, experience, intelligence and passion, we always add creativity. Our unique combination of skills is what leads to our excellent results.