My mission is to educate and inspire busy Kiwi parents in how they can best support their child’s educational achievements.

Frances has the unique ability to unpack the New Zealand School Curriculum and re package it into a way that all parents can understand. Frances enables parents to access important information and resources that will lead to their children succeeding, and thriving, in school.

With over 25 years’ experience in education and counselling Frances has worked in all areas of the New Zealand educational system: teacher, lecturer training teachers, Ministry of Education, counselling and curriculum planner. She is the writer of over 30 books for teachers and 10 fiction books for children. She has worked with internationally recognised people in the field of education and writing: Ted Wragg (UK), David Epston (USA/NZ) and Joy Cowley (NZ). She has lectured all over the world, especially in her specific areas of interest: Working with children with Dyslexia, Working with Out of the Box children and making literacy - Boy Friendly.

Attend a workshop or presentation with Frances and the first thing you will notice is her astonishing passion. She firmly believes that every child can learn and all learning should be fun and highly engaging. She is a genius at taking the most complex education ideas and breaking them down for all people to understand.

Frances can also walk the talk. She has spent years working with some of the trickiest children: children with extreme learning differences, behaviour difficulties and anxiety issues. Frances’ holistic and collaborative way of working with children, families and teachers is exemplary. It is no surprise that the children who are lucky enough to be taught by Frances – rave about her. Parents refer to her as a life saver and teachers follow her style for inspiration.