The list below are the typical services we offer. Please feel free to contact Frances on: if you would like to enquire about a service, or require a variation on the list.

  • Tutoring
  • The Bridge offers custom designed tutoring to ‘out of the box’ children and those children who need a boost.

    Our gold standard tutoring is cutting edge, and follows international guidelines of master teaching.

    Sessions are 40 minutes long and cost $80.

    Our results are outstanding.

    We work with:

    • Pre-school children (literacy and numeracy)
    • Primary school aged children (literacy and numeracy)
    • College aged students (NCEA English and Study skills)

  • Counselling
  • Counselling at The Bridge is founded on Narrative Therapy.

    Our counselling work with young children is playful, creative and empowering. It fuses narrative therapy with drawing and the arts.

    Our counselling work with teenagers is creative and non-threatening.

    Our counselling work with adults is creative, and shifts areas that are ‘stuck’ in time efficient ways.

    Sessions are 60 minutes long and cost $120.

    We specialize in working in the following areas:

    • Young children: anxiety, stress, friendship issues, learning issues, executive functions issues, eating issues.
    • Older children and teenagers: anxiety, stress, depression, friendship issues, learning issues, executive function issues, cutting, anorexia, bulimia, OCD, ADHD.
    • Adults: anxiety, depression, anorexia, bulimia, parenting ‘out of the box’ children, adult ADHD.
    • Women: transition stages (motherhood/empty nest etc.), living authentically, finding flow, developing creativity.

  • Mentoring
  • Due to our unique way of working we are often asked to mentor/train teachers, tutors, educators and counsellors. Many professionals find this a highly efficient use of time and money.

    Mentoring can be adjusted to specific time requirements. Some people may like to come for three sets of 1-hour sessions. Some people may like to come for a one off 2-hour session.

    Mentoring can happen on site, or at The Bridge. It can be 1 on 1, or a small group.

    The list below covers some of our most popular mentoring sessions. Contact Frances on if you would like to enquire about mentoring on a variation of the categories below:

    • Literacy Specialists: planning, ideas, assessment, new programmes etc.
    • Teacher Aides: upskilling of knowledge, management strategies, teaching strategies etc.
    • Teachers: ideas, upskilling of knowledge and strategies, wellbeing and stress management
    • Counsellors: upskilling in working with children and ‘out of the box’ children/teenagers, ideas around working with eating issues etc.

  • Workshops and in-house training

  • The Bridge is a registered PD provider with the Ministry of Education (NZ). Please contact Frances at to find out about upcoming workshops, or to organize a teacher only day at your school.

    We offer workshops and in-house training in the following areas:

    • ECE Literacy
    • ECE Numeracy
    • ECE Executive Functions
    • ECE Yoga Stories
    • ECE to School transition programmes
    • Primary: Literacy
    • Primary: Numeracy
    • Primary: How to teach writing
    • Primary: Boys success in writing
    • Primary: Pause Programmes – Executive Functions, Focus and Wellbeing
    • College: Study skills